2020 - Blog Post

PEO Checkboxes

Before you go PEO

A Professional Employer Organization, (PEO) provides small companies with payroll processing, benefit administration, insurances, HR training and support. Wait,....sounds a little like our company, FocusHRO. But what's different?

For one, a PEO charges either a flat rate or a percentage of payroll - sometimes as much as $1500 per year per employee. Also, PEO's require "co-employment" - that is, the shared responsibility of the employer. Your team is now employees of the PEO - they're no longer employees of your company.

FocusHRO is designed to help you provide all of the same services while you remain in control, and we think we're also a little more hands on. You'll be hard pressed to find a PEO that's going to stop out and visit, or share concern for which carrier and network your employees have access to. Instead, if the chief PEO decides you're moving carriers, guess what - you're moving carriers.

Take control back of your time and stay in control of your company with FocusHRO. We're ready to help.


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